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My passion is photographing people studying their many nuances. Sometimes my camera provides me with invisibility‚ giving me access to people and situations I would never have access to without it. When I am not invisible I listen to my subjects because they are quite revealing. People don’t want to see my camera - they don’t even want to see me. But I offer them that one moment where they may live forever and because of that they yield to the promise of the image.

Visible or invisible I live for the moment when my image is revealed that click. My recent studies illustrate my approach: for the Fulton Fish Market I was invisible‚ taking photographs in the middle of the madness. With the NYC Bikers‚ I was visible‚ asking for permission to shoot.

Very recently‚ I became visible and photographed a number of art fairs in 2009. That is where “A Taste of Art” was born. I liked what I saw and wanted to savor it. By partially capturing the art‚ artist and public area and into angles for the instability of our time, I made art from the artists’ passion for their art and their lives — the click.




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